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For many of our Temp Professionals who have been working, Monday to Friday, albeit confined to their own 4 walls, it has been business as usual.  But what about those of our Temp Professionals who have been on the bench waiting for temp demand to pick up?

We're all doing it again' — 'grumpy' Melbourne endures second lockdown |  Financial Times

In the words of a very old proverb; they have ‘not let the grass grow under their feet’.  They have used this down time very productively to upskill and refresh their skill set.

For many it has been a time of re-invention. A time to re-think and re-set. A time to re-learn and upskill. Given that it may well be a Temp/Contract lead recovery out of our COVID impacted economy, our Temp professionals have not wasted any time during lockdown to get ready. 

It has also been a time of great support, good will and generosity and none more so than that offered by our own industry body, RCSA.  By allowing their members access to their library of short courses, RR in turn, has been able to open up this same library of training options to all of our Temp Professionals. Timing for this great initiative could not be better as our Temp Professionals take advantage of over 50 different short courses ranging from: project management 101 to finance for non-financial people; emotional intelligence to managing difficult people; Excel spreadsheeting to a plethora of ‘How to’ courses on everything from business emails to creating business blogs.

Three reasons to upskill your team | Brew

This is such a good news story amongst a lot of doom and gloom, as Melbourne begins its slow return to something that looks like normal, albeit a COVID normal. The workforce is going to look a whole lot different to what it did back in March. For starters, working from home is here to stay. With social distancing protocols firmly embedded, a blended home and office workforce may well be standard practice. Combine this with an economy that will no longer support the strong permanent job market enjoyed by a generation, as 28 years of economic growth (See Link) come to an end. The employment landscape as we knew it has significantly changed.

However, it’s not all bad. Historically, a temporary and contract workforce has been the ideal solution as an economy claws its way back to recovery. So, this initiative has never been more welcome as just one small example of how our sector works together, to support everyone and keeps Victorians working. Thank you #RCSA

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