FAQ's for Working Holiday Visa Holders

If you have a Working Holiday Visa (WHV), chances are you’re on an exciting adventure in Australia looking for a way to financially support your extended holiday/gap year/relocation.

At Rusher Rogers HR Solutions we love WHV candidates and frequently place them in temporary roles with clients all over Melbourne. Understandably, many of our applicants are new to the Australian workforce and new to temping so below are answers to our most frequently asked questions.

For the recruiter, temping is a bit like matchmaking. Our clients come to us with a description of their ideal candidate and our job is to match the most suitable temp to the assignment. Our clients will often require temps to cover leave, shift a back-log or support business growth and internal changes. They need a temp who can walk in on their first day and get the job done with limited training and support.

For travellers on a WHV, options can be limited; many employers will not consider candidates on a WHV due to their limited work allowances (6 months for any one employer). A majority of WHV travellers find themselves working in hospitality, construction and many find that their search for work is so fruitless they have to move on or go home. Temping is a fantastic option for those with relevant skills; it adds valuable experience to your resume and can provide exposure to new industries.

Your WHV means you can only work for one employer for a 6 month period. Through a temp recruitment agency this means we can place you with various clients throughout the duration of your WHV as long as none of these placements individually exceed 6 months, this makes temping a very viable option for the duration of your stay!

It’s best to contact us when you are able to start working in Melbourne within a week.

Temp recruitment is fast-moving and if you’re a new candidate, you will need to come in and meet with us first before we can place you in an assignment.

Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely that we will be able to place you in an assignment while you’re on a student visa. Part-time temp roles are few and far between, particularly when you are limited to 20 hours of work a week. Clients will not be able to work around your existing student commitments.

The roles we most frequently fill are:

  • Administration
  • Reception
  • Customer service
  • Data entry
  • Accounts

When we review candidates, we will look to see how practised you are in these areas and how transferable your experiences and skills would be.

As mentioned, recruiting for temp assignments is a little like match-making. Our clients hire us to ensure we find a temp with the best skills and experience; we will match a temp with a proven background in the required skills.

Of course, with a majority of our temp roles requiring administrative/data/reception skills, this doesn’t mean you need to have a background as an administrator/data analyst/receptionist. In the world of temping, transferable skills are gold. Being able to communicate to us, through your resume and interview, that you have the necessary transferable skills will go a long way in your favour.

As tempting and convenient as it is to send us the same resume you’ve used in the past for permanent roles, it’s worth making a couple of changes to your temp resume to help you stand out. Remember, we’re not recruiting for the next digital marketing superstar or CEO; we’re looking for smart, adaptable temps. Cater your resume directly to the kind of roles we regularly fill. This might mean highlighting more basic technical skills rather than spending time discussing leadership skills or project management.

Have a look at this blog post on how temps can make their resume rock: https://www.rusherrogers.com.au/temps-make-sure-your-resume-rocks/ 

Our temp assignments vary. They can be as short as one day and as long as 6 months. Flexibility is key – often our temps are extended in their roles once they have started so make sure you are prepared for this possibility.

There’s no guarantee, but if you have the rights skills and experience we will look to place you in a role ASAP! Ensure you regularly update us with your availability so we can keep you in mind for all incoming roles.

Now, we can’t speak for other countries, but if you’re from the UK you’ll know that tax returns are pretty much a magical annual occurrence that happens with very little interference from the individual, providing you’re not self-employed/a business owner. In Australia, it’s a different story and everyone is required to file a tax return, including anyone on a Working Holiday Visa.

For anyone else who feels a bit baffled by the prospect of doing their own tax-return, see below some questions and answers along with the helpful advice from the ATO website.

What does it all mean!?
Though there are some exceptions the general rule of thumb is if you’ve earned money, and you’ve been taxed, you need to lodge a tax return.
If you’re a first timer, make sure you
• have your tax file number
• have your passport
• have created a myGov account
Click here to create your myGov account now.
When do I need to lodge my tax return?
Before 31st October. The financial year is dated from 1st July  – 30th June

What is Superannuation?

If you are working in Australia (even if you are working using a working holiday visa) your employee must pay an additional 9.5% of your wages in superannuation. This is money set aside by the Government for your retirement and it is paid by the employer directly into a default, or nominated, superannuation fund. You do not have access to this money until you retire.

However, if you have worked and earned superannuation on a temporary visa you are able to claim the money back directly from The Australian Government.However there are some timing restrictions so find out more about how to do this please click here.

Rusher Rogers default superannuation fund is VicSuper. If you have not elected a superannuation fund or the election is not received in time, any superannuation contribution will be paid into the company default fund on your behalf. If you would like to learn more about why Rusher Rogers’ default superannuation fund is VicSuper, or how you can consolidate multiple superannuation funds into one fund please click here

This is not an option. We supply temporary and permanent candidates for our clients and charge our clients for this service. Sponsorship is an expensive option for any business so if our clients were to choose to sponsor a candidate, they wouldn’t do so through our agency. For sponsorship opportunities, it is best to contact companies directly.

  • Gets back to us ASAP!
  • Touches base with us regularly
  • Has an excellent resume
  • Is available to temp for at least 3 months
  • Can demonstrate skills in administration, data entry and customer service
  • Is flexible to travel within Melbourne and its suburbs
  • Is open and able to do numerous roles
  • Is presentable, polite and honest

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