Temps: Make sure your resume rocks!

When each job ad can attract hundreds of applicants, sifting through to find the most promising candidates can be a daunting task for a recruiter. Each time I begin, I remind myself of the time and effort it takes to put together a resume; behind each is a candidate who hopes to convey all their skills and strengths in just a few pages of A4. The thing is, when challenged with the task of identifying a handful of the most talented candidates from 400+ resumes, there are a few simple mistakes that can mean you are moved to the bottom of that ceiling-high pile…

Contact information

Include a phone number as well as an email address and check, double-check, triple-check that the details are correct! As recruiters, we have to move fast. If we like your resume, we want to speak to you on the phone ASAP so give us a hand and make this as easy as possible!

Fancy formatting

Your resume needs to be memorable for the right reasons. Of course it’s important to stand out from the crowd, but if you’re going to be putting extra time into ‘designing’ your resume please make sure you do not compromise on clarity. Too often we receive resumes whose formatting resembles an unfinished jigsaw; it’s distracting and can leave the recruiter unclear on what makes you a stand-out candidate.

In a nutshell: keep formatting simple and clear, this guarantees that it’s your skills and expertise that leaves a lasting impression.

Clear chronology

Make sure your work experience is the first or second item listed on your resume – it’s what we’re most interested in!

Make sure any gaps in employment are accounted for. Not only does it read better, it stops us making assumptions about why you may not have been working. It’s totally fine if you took time out to travel, enjoy parenthood or care for a sick relative but ensure that you are upfront and ready to answer questions about how you spent this time.


One way to guarantee a ‘face palm’ moment from a recruiter is by following a claim such as ‘great attention-to-detail’ with a grammatical error or typo. For any roles in administration or data entry, bad grammar will be a deal breaker.

We love bullet points!

Again, this is about making it easy for your reader. Our first glance of your resume is going to be quick scan so a clear, well-formatted resume will encourage us to read further.

Keep it relevant

Firstly, do your research. If you are applying for a specific advertised role, work out what the most desirable skills are and ensure your resume reflects this. If you’re applying for temping in general, find out what roles the recruitment agency in question usually recruits for. We want to understand the variety of skills you have acquired during your career so far, but we also want to see evidence of skills that will be applicable to the roles we regularly fill. Consider how transferable your skills are and give good examples.

Remind us

After you’ve submitted your resume, wait a few days and then get in touch. It’s a sure-fire way to make sure we put eyes on your resume and, if you weren’t successful, a good way to get feedback too. Temping is competitive: you need to be open to making changes to your resume that will get you out of the towering resume tower and into a temp role ASAP!


By Claudia Bellwood, Temp Consultant, Rusher Rogers 

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