Originally named Rusher Rogers Recruiting it was established by Susie Rogers in 1996. The company's goal was to provide recruitment services for permanent, temporary and contract employees for Australian businesses.

To that end, Rusher Rogers has always sought to ensure its experienced, professional HR consultants would remain passionate in their work of providing only the best possible candidates to their clients. We concentrated on our service and mission, strengthening the values that form our core principles as the business grew. For many years, the clients and candidates who use Rusher Rogers have found this to be a successful model, reinforcing our belief that doing what we do well is the best way to meet the needs of those we serve.


Today it continues to provide clients in the Melbourne area with high-performing, skilled and competent permanent, temporary and contract employees. Throughout all the normal ups and downs of business, we have always retained our commitment to our founding principle: provide the highest standards of service to both our clients and our candidates.

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