Permanent Recruitment

When you're recruiting for a permanent position, you want to make sure you have the best possible candidate. Equally as important, you're looking for someone who can go the distance and remain with the organisation over the long run.

Rusher Rogers can help you identify high performance people who will fit in and help improve your organisation’s culture and performance.

A high performance person is someone who:

  • Has the skills and behaviour to help improve the organisation’s performance.
  • Sets an example for co-workers to emulate.
  • Strives to meet or improve on a standard of excellence (we call this the drive for achievement).
  • Embraces the vision and goals of the organisation or team (commitment).
  • Demonstrates resilience, optimism and initiative – is able to quickly identify and seize opportunities whilst taking obstacles and setbacks in their stride.
  • Can build relationships and influence others through the use of verbal and written communication skills.
  • Is capable and willing to continually improve skills and behaviour (what we call learning agility).


When you match a high performance person with a high performance culture, you have the best of both worlds. In a high performance culture, people:

  • Pursue a shared goal
  • Work as a team
  • Are engaged and challenged by their job
  • Are accountable to each other, even more so than to their direct manager.

To find high performance people, we start by identifying your current employees who excel in performance and behaviour. We assess and document the skills and characteristics that make them high performers in your culture. Next, we go looking for people who have similar skills and behaviour, as well as additional positive attributes that you may not have in the organisation. We present your organisation to them in a way that makes it attractive to them, and coordinate the interview and hiring process so both sides are happy with the final outcome.

If this is what you want for your organisation, please click here to contact one of our High Performance consultants.

Rusher Rogers takes ownership of your recruitment process to deliver high performing employees for your business

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