Occupational Health and Safety Information

Under legislation all employees and employers have particular responsibilities in regards to OH&S, EEO and RTW information.

We have provided all Temporary Employees with a copy of the Worksafe Publication – Labour Hire Workers: OHS Rights and Responsibilities to read and adhere to whilst on assignment for Rusher Rogers. You can access this via this link – CLICK HERE

Rusher Rogers is committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety and welfare of its employees at work. If you feel that our client’s workplace may not meet Health and Safety requirements please advise us and we will take steps to ensure that these issues are addressed with our client and that your safety and well-being are protected. As a temporary worker you are responsible for carrying out your duties in a safe manner for your own good, and that of others. Your consultant has a duty of care to ensure that your work environment is safe.

If an incident or accident occurs at work it is very important that you report it to your Rusher Rogers consultant immediately, who will record this within the Rusher Rogers ‘Register of Injuries’ and take all steps necessary from that point. It is also important that any injury sustained at work be recorded in the client’s “Register of Injuries” book, which is required by the OH&S Act. You will be required to complete a Register of Injury Form, which you can access via this link – CLICK HERE.

You will see a copy of the ‘If you are Injured at work’ poster in our client’s workplace,  but for the specific poster pertaining to Rusher Rogers employees you can access this via this link – CLICK HERE


Return to Work Information

Rusher Rogers is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all workers. Should one of our workers incur a work related injury that means they are unable to continue their normal work we will provide the necessary assistance for them to remain at work, or return to work as soon as it is safely possible.

Please access the full Rusher Rogers Return to Work Information by accessing the following link – CLICK HERE

For all documentation relating to this Information, please see below for all relevant links:

WorkSafe’s Steps to Resolving Return to Work Issues

WorkSafes’s If you are Injured at Work poster

Further Information can be obtained by contacting our OHS Representative and Return to Work Coordinator, details below:

Name:         Susie Rogers

Phone:         03 9682 7044

Email:         enquiries@rusherrogers.com.au

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