Non Profit Board Selection

Rusher Rogers finds ideal board members for Non Profit organisations.

Finding the right new or replacement board members for your Non Profit organisation can be hard to do because while you may have a network within your own particular area of interest you may not know where to look for complimentary skills that every board needs such as compliance, finance marketing, membership et al. Plus you may not know what might be appropriate or competitive remuneration for the skills that you need.

Rusher Rogers has been recruiting within the Non Profit sector since 1996, but we have also recruited across other multiple sectors right up to CXX and board level for all manner of organisations.

This means that Rusher Rogers has the network, reach and in depth knowledge to be able to advise in all aspects of board selection and then search and recruit the most suitable candidates available to meet your requirements.

If you want to find out more please call us any time on 03 9682 7044 and ask to speak to Susie Rogers. Or drop her a line on susie@rusherrogers.com.au

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