FAQ's for Temps & Contractors

We hope that your time working for Rusher Rogers will be beneficial and rewarding. To help you to conduct your work professionally and get paid correctly and on-time there are some things that you need to know, and do.

Legislative requirements require that Rusher Rogers establish your right to work in Australia and to establish the validity of any qualifications you hold relevant to the position for which you are being placed. In order to do this your consultant may/will be required to collect the following information either during your initial interview or prior to your placement starting;

  • A copy of your passport (picture/signature page)
  • A copy of your work permit/visa (if applicable)
  • A copy of your academic transcripts/certificates/qualifications (if applicable)
  • Upon placement, your consultant will obtain from you the following via our online timesheet system*:
  • Signed Terms of Employment Contract
  • Bank account details
  • Tax File Declaration (TFN)
  • Superannuation Super Choice form

* If you’re set up is a Pty Ltd entity, additional information is required before processing of any payment.

Rusher Rogers default superannuation fund is VicSuper. If you have not elected a superannuation fund or the election is not received in time, any superannuation contribution will be paid into the company default fund on your behalf. If you would like to learn more about why Rusher Rogers’ default superannuation fund is VicSuper, or how you can consolidate multiple superannuation funds into one fund please click here

Your payslip will be sent  via email on a weekly basis to the email address on the online payroll system.
To ensure you receive your payslips, please provide your correct email address upon submission of your documents. you can change this in your portal of the payroll system.

Timesheets are due by 9:00am Monday AEST for a Thursday payday for a pay period of Monday-Sunday.

Your pay will be processed with the next payroll run, as you are responsible for your own timesheets.

We make payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) every Wednesday. Funds are generally available the following day, but can take up to 2 days for the banks to process (exclusive of public holidays). If the Wednesday is a Victoria public holiday, the payment process is pushed back to the next available working day. As part of our Privacy commitment, we remind you to keep your pay details confidential. Please do not discuss your pay with work colleagues or with clients.

When you’re working at a client for us, you’re one of our employees. That means within Australia you’re covered by us for Worker’s Compensation and Superannuation, and we also pay your weekly income tax for you. In Australia, every employee must complete a tax return if they meet the ATO’s criteria, therefore at the end of the financial year, we’ll send you a Group Certificate thus enabling you to complete your Tax Return. (If you do not submit your tax file information the ATO may issue you with a fine). You don’t have to submit your TFN, but if you don’t your payer must withhold the top rate of tax plus the Medicare levy from all payments made to you, unless you qualify for an exemption. When you start a new job, you have 28 days to give your TFN to your employer before this requirement to tax you at the highest rate applies.

Candidates, including contractors and those who are incorporated companies, have the following option available to send their timesheets to Payroll:

Web Timesheets: All registered candidates will be provided with login details to Astute which is our online payroll system https://rusherrogers.astutepayroll.com/rusherrogers/login. Candidates will need to login to your timesheet portal to complete your weekly timesheet.

Whether your assignment is for one day, one week, one month or ongoing, please remember that Rusher Rogers is your employer. Contact us immediately if you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding your assignment.

  • When you’re placed in an assignment on a client site you’re representing Rusher Rogers. As an employee, please ensure that;
  • Personal calls are only be made in emergency situations.
  • Remember to turn your mobile phone off or at the very least switch to silent.
  • If you are granted email/internet access, it is to be utilised for work purposes only – don’t send personal emails or access non work related websites.
  • Always present yourself in a professional manner.
  • If you are unwell, please call your consultant prior to your start time to ensure that our client can be advised. Or office phones are switched to a pager facility after 5pm so you can contact us at any time.
  • Last but not least, keep a smile on your face and have a friendly, flexible attitude. This can often result in your assignment being extended or you being asked to return at a later date.

We comply with all legislated privacy requirements. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

We require any changes in writing or if you are a working temp,  you will need to log on to your timesheet system and update them there. If not, please email your consultant and advise them of the changes as soon as possible.

Yes, we will. You just need to ensure that your consultant understands that you are also looking for permanent work. We have consultants who specialise in permanent work so you may need to meet them too.

Under Australian law only those who are deemed as a permanent resident or hold a relevant working visa can work in Australia. If you are currently in Australia on a working holiday visa you will be required to bring your passport to your interview at Rusher Rogers as we will need to check your visa status via the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to ascertain your eligibility to work in Australia.

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