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Feel like you are walking through treacle? Step away from the crumpet! (see comfort food article here). If you took any notice of the chat box feed at last Thursdays #RCSA/ANZ conference you would be forgiven for concluding that our sectors ‘go-to’ food of comfort during lockdown is the humble crumpet. They deliver the warm hug that I think that we all need right now despite the impact that they may have on our collective waistlines. Bikinis are over rated anyway!

Feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, that you are wasting your time, appear to be commonly experienced emotions.  Anxiousness, feeling overwhelmed, burnt out from WFH (See article here) are also amongst our collective worn down, worn out demeanor. For many of us this has been the emotional journey that has defined Lockdown V2.

But we can smell the finish line now, can’t we?

With the prospect of lifted restrictions, there is also hope.  While our expected and well-earned freedom may not be what we all took for granted prior to March this year, there is a lot to look forward to as not only the weather starts to improve.

Melbourne under lockdown again following coronavirus spike | The World from  PRX

So how are we going to shed the Lockdown blues and boost our mood before we reach for another crumpet?

Here is a list to some helpful links

Maintaining a routine that keeps you motivated is also one that can keep you in shape according to myDNA (See Link). Jennie Waeland’s LeSalon blog shares how we can sleep and eat our way to the energy boost that has been sapped from us in Lockdown V2.  Everything from Kombucha to Celery juice, from bananas to sweet potatoes. Less is more when it comes to our alcohol intake (I know), exercise and quality sleep are critical to our well-being. (See Link)

Boosting your stamina according to Nutritionist, Rupali Datta (NDVT Food) (See Link)  encourages us to commit to  the following activities, but in baby steps, as we reclaim our former selves and get back in the zone:

  • Eating at proper times
  • Eating nutrient rich food
  • Stay hydrated
  • Include nuts/seeds in your diet
  • Return to exercise

We know all of this ad nauseum. Lockdown V2 has taken a toll on us all. Staying focused, connected and looking after ourselves will pay dividends when we finally emerge.  So before you reach for the comfort food of your choice, consider just some of the above. Take care.

Healthy Body+ Healthy Mind= Happy Life | by Sampada pardeep | Medium

Beyond Blue – 1800 512 348 and Lifeline – 13 11 14

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