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Reasons to be cheerful Part 3 (Ian Dury circa 1979), my earworm for this past week.

There is more than a little room for some optimism about now, especially if you are a Victorian. With one week down and (hopefully) only 5 to go, all of us are going to have to dig deep as we continue to work in ISO…if we are lucky enough to be working at all.

Stage 4 restrictions have meant for many of us not previously working from home, we are now. Only those permitted workplaces as per the State Government schedule of allowed sectors can legally operate with employees on site. As a result, last week saw a flurry of activity as permitted workers travel permits were authorised and COVID safe plan templates filled in and rolled out. Such is the impact of stage 4 in Victoria, Treasury have estimated that “…combined with previous restrictions in Melbourne, are now expected to cost between $10 billion and $12 billion, shrinking GDP by about 2.5 per cent.” See here

It’s all a bit grim.

Speaking to a broad cross section of clients and candidates during the last couple of impactful weeks, tuning in everyday to hear the latest update of COVID positive numbers is not helpful. What has been helpful is sharing our collective experiences and coping mechanisms. One can take some solace in understanding that we have all been feeling the same…FLAT.  Time to dig deep and soldier on. Bring on 13th September.

Connectivity and humour may well be the corner stones of coping during the next 5 weeks. One client has provided a tech platform to facilitate this exact supportive combination.  Their COVID intranet has been designed to connect their remote workforce through a number of different channels where all staff members can contribute to, and feel connected albeit remotely. Uploads and sharing to everything from COVID Humour, to COVID recipes; ISO projects to regular online employee events, this tech company is all over it.

Channeling optimism is what the Centre for Optimism is all about. They want to know just what is it that makes us optimistic? They offer a range of insightful research, blogs, webinars and sage advice and support. Their moment in the sun has never been more now. I am sure 2020 will provide much by way of case study material.

Tapping into what drives the way we feel, specifically happiness is not a bad place to start either.

Is there any truth in the idiom; laughter can be the best medicine?VeryWellmind write that “Studies show [sic] humor has the power to reduce fear and anxiety, resolve conflicts, and help weather disappointments” See here

Lets’ hope that Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Professor Brett Sutton saw the humour in this new manchester range : See here

Focusing on what we can influence rather than focusing on what we can’t, makes sense. Gaining control on how we respond to challenges is critical

 So, I guess my earworm and I, curtesy of Ian Dury, will be here to stay.

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