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New Zealand Prime Minister confirms Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy ...

So, we’re all in lockdown looking down the barrel of the Easter LWE. For the bookworms, cooks and the gardeners out there you are probably jumping for joy right now but for the rest of us…

What on earth are we going to do?

Easter can be a very social time catching up with family and friends and in my experience, it also involves a lot of eating. But on your own is not quite the same as a shared experience is it?

Fear not, here are some things that others are doing which may go someway toward connecting you to your nearest and dearest and sharing the Easter holiday activities:

SIP (Shelter in Place) Series: Virtual International Dinner

And for more individual pursuits

Tiger King Review: Joe Exotic & Netflix's Red State Docuseries ...

And finally, liven up your Zoom meeting with this: https://www.zoomvirtualbackgrounds.com/

Have a safe and happy Easter LWE at home. We’ll Zoom together on the other side!

Happy Easter to our Clients - Galloway Family Law | Maitland ...

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