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Several weeks ago, I wrote a How To blog about writing a resume (See here) to assist jobseekers prepare a resume that will stand up in a fiercely competitive job market. I covered off all the basics, much of which may seem obvious to many BUT as most recruiters and HR professionals already know, most resumes are just awful.

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So where do people go wrong? 

Here are a few key elements that will elevate your resume above the rest. If you get it right, you will stand out for all the right reasons. In my experience, the bar is very low. Will your resume pass the audit test?

  • Uniform font and size
  • Spelling & grammar check
  • Accurate contact details
  • Too long
  • Too short
  • Obvious unexplained gaps
  • No introduction for the reader, you need a positioning statement
  • Obvious cut & paste patches, poor inconsistent formatting
  • Referee contact details – PLEASE remove these contact details, you need to protect these critical relationships, not broadcast their private contact details to all and sundry
Have you cultivated the habit of paying attention to detail?

Current Jobs:

  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Service and Training Specialist
  • General Temp Registration
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Marketing Communications Coordinator

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