You’ve submitted your resume … so what’s next?

Whether the role you’re applying for is being managed internally or through an agency, communicating with the hiring manager is a daunting but crucial part of the application process.

Rather than hiding behind emails or just waiting ‘patiently’ for a response, pick up the phone to demonstrate that you’re interested and engaged in your job search as well as ensuring that applying for the position is time well spent

Why call?

  • Introduce yourself
  • Humanise your resume
  • Build rapport

But don’t call just for our benefit, call for yours!

  • Does this role compliment your skills and ambitions?
  • Is the company a good fit for your values?
  • Is the salary on par?

Here at Rusher Rogers, there’s little else more exciting than speaking with a fantastic candidate on the phone. On the other hand, if a candidate makes an impression for the wrong reasons, it doesn’t go unnoticed either. I asked my colleagues ‘how can candidates make a lasting impression during those first crucial calls?’

Office Admin


  • Make your identity and intentions clear to whoever answers: state your name, who you’re after and the purpose of your call

‘Hi, this is Sara Jones and I’m calling to speak with Samantha about the temporary reception role.’

  • Underestimate the receptionist or office ‘gatekeeper’. They may not be responsible for your application, but a bad impression is likely to be shared with colleagues

Temporary Consultants


  • Check that the role in question is a good match for your skills and experience
  • Be prepared for a quick discussion on your relevant experience, skills and motivations to temp
  • Ask valuable questions to help build a bigger picture: what’s the company culture like? How big is the team? Who will I report to? How does this role contribute to company goals?


  • Ask for details that are clearly stated in the job ad, it suggests poor attention to detail and a lack of common sense
  • Call more than once in a day. At Rusher Rogers it’s our policy to respond to all who contact us by phone, we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Permanent Recruitment


  • Be engaging and try to build rapport from the get-go. This relationship will help your resume standout for the recruiter when confronted with 50 resumes to review
  • Expect to be quizzed! Once the consultant has you on the phone be forthcoming and prepared to answer specific questions
  • Follow up on your application if it’s been over 3 days without correspondence, but…


  • call immediately after submitting your resume expecting feedback then and there. Consultants
    get plenty – sometimes hundreds! – of applications and need time to review a selection of candidates before moving forward
  • Waste your opportunity now that you have the chance to ask about the role; be prepared with quest
    ions that show you’re genuinely interested
  • Pussy foot
    around the salary
    level that you are looking for, if we can’t align on that then everyone’s time will be wasted in the long run!

An engaging first impression establishes an authentic working relationship with your recruiter that can only work in your favour. We can’t wait to hear from you!

By Claudia Bellwood, Rusher Rogers’ Temp Consultant

If you’re interested in temping with Rusher Rogers, you can email Claudia here.

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