What a Jobs-Rich-Candidate-Short Market Means | Weekly Wrap-Up

We are in the midst of a jobs-rich-candidate-short market. What does this mean? It means that ‘good’ candidates are in demand. By ‘good’ I mean the skilled, the experienced, the candidates with a great attitude, the adaptable, the curious, the confident, the team players, the outcome focused, the reliable, the dependable, the accountable, the motivated… I could go on but pretty much every employers idea of what an ideal candidate is.

These sought-after candidates have choices and you can be pretty certain that if you have identified them, then so have several others. These candidates can afford to be more discerning and will give any prospective employer the ‘hairy eyeball’, so here is what you have to be aware of if you want to be their number one choice:

  • Have a clear EVP
  • Be able to clearly articulate your organisational culture
  • Have a well-structured, informative and clear PD
  • Don’t let your website let you down
  • Know what succession looks like in your organisation
  • Have an efficient, speedy, fair and logical recruitment and selection process
  • Always communicate
  • Get back to people in a timely manner
  • Be flexible, (everything from interview timing to employment options to transferable skills)
  • Offer the opportunity to discuss the position
  • Provide timely feedback
  • Don’t dilly-dally at any stage, keep the process moving
  • Make timely decisions
  • Don’t go to ground

Permanent Recruitment: A jobs-rich-candidate-short market highlights the need is for a tighter, more efficient recruitment process. Keep that process moving with tight controls on, and constant communication with, candidates of interest. Minimal time between first and second interviews are essential. Secure chosen candidates with conditional offers (pending satisfactory reference/probity checks/psychometric testing/testing/medicals etc). Candidates will be lost if the ‘process’ holds up an offer.

Temporary Recruitment: For temp or contract, rely on your agency’s judgement. This market will not tolerate interviews for temps. Time is money for a professional temp and if good, they will get booked on back-to-back assignments. There is no time to go through an interview process. This market means that they do not have to. Good temps do not stay free for long. Smart employers act swiftly to secure sought-after temps. They trust their agency provider to assure delivery to their brief.

Until next week,

Susie Rogers

Current Permanent Roles:

  • Financial Counsellors
  • Program Manager – Family and Youth Victoria
  • Program Manager – Family Violence
  • Service & Training Specialist
  • Family Violence Team Leader – Hastings
  • Orange Door (Support & Safety Hub) Practitioner
  • Programs Manager
  • General Manager – Service Co-Delivery Safety & Resilience
  • Head of Fundraising

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