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Although the number of unemployed people increased for the month of October rising to 5.3% from 5.2 % where it has been sitting for several months, the trend remains steady. Seasonally we are heading to that time of the year where recruitment can take a back seat until the schools return in the New Year. Employment is dynamic, constantly shifting and changing to meet the demands of an employment market that is also shifting and changing. As recruiters we are privy to how and where people are employed. We are the first to understand which roles are in demand. We are first to recognise any shifting trends like that of a softening permanent job market has it transitions to a more casual or contract focused market. We are privy to new support models with companies looking for more efficient ways to deliver. 

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This week one of our candidates shared an interesting new model that was rolled out for the provision of support services for a global resources company.  All EA’s, PA’s, team support employees were effectively pooled under a service desk model. Any work was distributed to the pool via a ticketing system similar to an IT service desk model. Support employees could choose what they supported via a series of symbols which represented the tasks required for example travel, diary management, meeting organisation, document presentation etc. Support staff no longer supported individuals or teams but provided adhoc services across the business via this system.  

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An interesting idea but it didn’t work. The relationship between support staff and the rest of the business had lost its connection, support staff experience and IP was seriously eroded and their contribution commoditised.  Support staff voted with their feet and left the business in search for more rewarding work. While change is inevitable and often for the better, this model seemed quite dystopian in nature and certainly undervalued the contribution that support employees make to a business by reducing it to a list of tasks. Very hard to build an attractive culture with such a model. Very hard to attract talent to such a role/organisation. Very hard to retain employees in such an environment.

On another more celebratory note Deb and I attended MacKillop Family Services Public Meeting during the week. This annual event is a celebration of what an amazing workforce can actually achieve in a 12-month period. Well-deserved awards were distributed in what was MacKillop’s version of the Logies, recognising employees and client achievements which were remarkable, extraordinary and inspiring in equal measure. Congratulations to all!!

Current Permanent Roles:

  • Manager – Human Resources 
  • Service Manager 
  • Service and Client Support Specialist

Current Temp Roles:

  • General Registration
  • Payroll/HR Admin Support

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