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As Winter morphs into Spring, so does changeable weather and this week was no exception to that rule, with the promise of warmer weather and daylight savings on the way. Happy Days!

Australia’s Strike for Global warming last Friday saw 300,000 Australian’s gathering to support the cause. But the weather is not the only changeable thing that we are experiencing with Australia’s unemployment stats creeping up to 5.3% after sitting on 5.2% since May 2019. This is the highest it has been since August of 2018 but very much in line with market expectations and potentially heralding a slow upward trend. Have we noticed a shift? Certainly we have seen more temp/contract activity in the last month or so but it remains to be seen if this will become a longer term trend. But given we are heading into that end of the year where permanent job opportunities can slow as we get closer to the holiday season, perhaps the strong permanent market will continue to soften in favour of shorter-term employment options until February/March 2020.

Watch Greta Thunberg here speak about our Climate crisis.

The climate strike on Friday in Melbourne attracted around 100,000 people.

As recruiters we feel the ebbs and flows of shifts in the market fairly acutely and often before other market indices are published.  While business flow can vary from recruiter to recruiter dependent on client and/or sector mix, it will be interesting to see how September and October fare. It will certainly indicate just how big a slow-down that we can expect over the Xmas holiday season. Those perm only recruiters may be starting to feel a little twitchy, needing to consider diversifying their service offering to include temporary services. Although not as easy a shift as it has been in the past with the need to operate a temp practice under licence.

Watch this space

Current Permanent Roles:

  • Program Manager – Family Violence
  • Service & Training Specialist
  • Family Violence Team Leader – Hastings
  • Orange Door (Support & Safety Hub) Practitioner

Current Temp Roles:

  • General Registration

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