The Importance of Work-Life Balance | Weekly Wrap-Up

Balance, be it work/life balance, relationship balance (personal or professional), family balance (time, relationships, presence), balancing others expectations realistic or not, balancing exercise and nutrition, lifestyle and goals…. the list of where we need to strike a balance between competing demands is long and can be overwhelming. But much of this is NOISE and they can more the expectations of others and less of your own. Finding your own balance is an individual exercise and is different for all of us depending on what you want to achieve and prioritize.

This is all very well but we can all get caught up with the busy-ness of day to day life which is why taking time out for yourself allows you the headspace to take stock, recalibrate and redefine and take control of your life effectively restoring balance. So STOP for a moment and take time to sort through and identify what is noise and what is the important stuff.

I recently had a week’s break from the frenetic pace of work as a recruiter, as anyone in this sector will attest, it’s demanding and the hours are long. And while I genuinely love what I do for a living finding balance when you give so much of yourself to your work is really important. The break took me away and completely out of my normal day to day routine and involved lots of hard physical activity but what that did was allow me the headspace to reprioritise and return the balance that I needed. It allowed me to discern between the noise and the important and reconnect with the mantras that are at my core. 

As recruiters we assist candidates sift through all the noise from a career point of view, which can be difficult for any of us to achieve as individuals when we are so close to the subject. As individuals we can be completely oblivious to what an outsider can see is blindingly obvious. Getting advice or giving yourself the headspace to find your balance and recalibrate the way you prioritize what’s important to you in your career is time well spent. Given we all spend a good chunk of our life working, finding this balance is critical to your overall wellbeing and why so many organizations are now investing in wellbeing programs to support their employees find their perfect balance and optimize their success.

Below are some great articles providing tips on how to achieve Work-Life Balance:

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Susie Rogers

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A Word From The Temp Desk:

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been interviewing Temp Professionals, and starting to notice more and more that candidates are selling themselves short.

In the Temp world, we as recruiters must think outside the box at not only what applicants have done – but also, and sometimes more importantly – what they have the potential of doing.

So while you might think that your experience years ago in supermarket, or fast food restaurant whilst you were studying is not relevant or if you are coming to Australia and feel as though your skills are at a level where you may be overlooked as you are “over qualified” (possibly the worst term ever), what I say to you is to step back and think about the beauty of temping work. It is often a foot in the door to some organisations, or into a role you have always dreamed of – a way to build that experience as you leave school or university or to gain Australian experience. So with this in mind, it is important to put this in your CV, and not leave it out and use Active rather than Passive language to describe the skills that you worked so hard to achieve!

Got promoted at a fast food chain while studying at University? Brilliant! That shows us that you are disciplined, able to manage conflicting priorities and still achieve results. Operating in a senior role overseas, but taking the time to travel and work in Australia and open to office support opportunities? Perfect, this shows your flexibility and adaptability in the workplace – all things we would otherwise not know unless you tell us and put it in your CV.

Even if you are the type of person who errs on the side of modesty, finding a new role can be challenging and at times competitive – it is so important not to be so hard on ourselves and proud of our achievements big and small. It is amazing what a difference this can make once you put this into writing in your CV, and in turn will help support you in finding your next role.

Camille Cranenburgh

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