The Beauty of Temp | Weekly Wrap-Up

Has the world grown a little crazier this week?  Feels a bit like it in here. We continue to experience strong growth in the permanent recruitment space confirming that it is very much a candidate tight market. With the unemployment rate solid at 5.2% the number of immediately available candidates waiting around for a role is greatly diminished, if not non-existent. Our temps continue to be taken up in permanent roles which is a great outcome for all and a positive economic indicator. But while the permanent job market remains as strong as it is, the impact on those wanting to hire a temporary employee can be challenging. We are constantly replenishing our list of available professional temps because we are losing them to permanent roles. Three- and six-month contracts are the least attractive, unless they are a genuinely unique opportunity. People choose to temp as a means to an end which will vary from being selective with regard to their next permanent commitment, study, family, travel, visa restrictions etc.

We have built a pool of ‘Temp Professionals” which means that they are work ready. All the checks and balances have been done. Those who can fulfil an EA role have been assessed, measured, ref checked, tested and interviewed as such and have the experience to prove it. The same for any other discipline, accounts support, admin support, business analytics, data entry, the list goes on. We have done all the hard work; they are ready to go. Often the added bonus with a temporary employee is that you often hire people with experience and skills way beyond the needs of the temporary assignment. What a bonus! The temp is also OK with this because they usually have very good reasons for wanting to temp, on the whole, they don’t mind what they do when they temp. It is convenient for them. 

So, when organisations push back on a temp because they are ‘overqualified’ or ‘too experienced’ for the temp role it is really difficult to understand why they would not take advantage of having such experience on a short-term basis… unless of course it is really a perm role, that I understand. Interviewing for a temp role for anything less than a month is also a little crazy. For one, time is money for a temp. If they are in demand, why would they take time out of their working time to interview. They don’t get paid for that time out and if good they are either fiercely held on to in their current assignment or very quickly snapped up.  Speed is of the essence. So, don’t treat a temporary assignment like a permanent assignment because professional temps will not hang around. Please trust your temporary recruiter’s judgement.

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Until next week,

Susie Rogers

Current Permanent Roles:

  • Paralegal
  • Executive Assistant
  • Program Manager – Family and Youth Victoria
  • Financial Counsellors
  • Program Manager – Family Violence
  • Service & Training Specialist
  • Family Violence Team Leader – Hastings
  • Program Manager – Economic Participation and Well Being
  • Orange Door (Support & Safety Hub) Practitioner
  • Programs Manager

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