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Every agency really values their temporary team. At Rusher Rogers we are no different, but being a temp professional can be quite an isolating and lonely experience at times, as you are plunged into an unfamiliar environment, unfamiliar team, unfamiliar systems and processes and an unfamiliar culture. Therein lies the true skill and talent of a professional temp; to swim rather than sink as you are expected to come up to speed as quickly as you can and assimilate into a completely new environment for a cold, run up start!

Many host organisations (i.e. those who hire a temporary assistance) understand this and are extraordinarily welcoming and indeed grateful for the additional support and capacity to be productive and effective relatively quickly…sometimes even highlighting shortfalls in the permanent workforce’s capacity.  But then there are other experiences that I am sure, that anyone who has ever temped before may recall, where rather than being brought into the fold and welcomed, the experience has been of isolation and exclusion because after all you are “just the temp”. 

This sort of treatment has a direct impact on an organisation’s brand and cannot be underestimated. It can be the difference between a temp professional willingly returning to an organisation and never wanting to go back there again!  We take this feedback from our temporary workforce very seriously as it can be the difference between how an organisation would like to be seen and what they are in reality.

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Current Permanent Roles:

  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Volunteer Coordinator 
  • Service Manager 

Current Temp Roles:

  • General Registration
  • Pre-site Coordinator

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