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As recruiters we work with a broad range of clients. Our client mix is spread 60:40 across Not For Profits (NFP) and Commercial/Corporate sectors. All of them share a set of values. All of them have a ‘unique’ culture that is either developing, transitioning, or established. Each organisation recognizes the importance of its values as the bedrock of their culture and their role in shaping how an organisation identifies itself.  Culture has a direct link to Employee Value Proposition (EVP).  It makes sense that an organisation involves its employees in the development, identity and embodiment of those values because that underpins culture. 

As recruiters we are exposed to a broad range of values. We recruit to those values. Values vary from organisation to organisation, sector to sector, NFP to Corporate. As does their priority across and within both purpose and profit driven sectors. Values alignment is at the very core for any purpose driven organisation but that is not necessarily different for any profit driven organisation. You may or may not align with those values no matter what the overall purpose of the organisation is.

At RR we straddle both worlds. We are extremely fortunate to immerse ourselves in the passion and commitment and drive that allows an often resource poor, challenge great, purpose driven organisation get some traction.  Values alignment for a purpose driven organisation is everything. But this is also the case for many profit driven organizations and the one that resonated with me last week was that of a high growth venture and how one Filipino phrase ‘Malakasi’ the direct translation of which, encapsulates their core values and ultimately their culture. Although not directly translatable to English, Malasakit embodies how everyone should be at work: sincerely care about and treat the business as your own and doing the right thing by the business, not specifically for any reward but because you have Malasakit. Malasakit is something that is celebrated and embraced within this particular organisation. It is a guiding principle of their way of working.

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Susie Rogers

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A Word From The Temp Desk:

Over the past week, I have come to realise more and more the importance of LinkedIn – not only for its obvious networking powers and ability to join groups of like-minded people, but for its ability to truly get an understanding of diversity in workplaces.

Just recently a connection shared a simple, yet empowering image highlighting the differences between those who are “successful” and those who are “unsuccessful”. This was not based on a person’s position, status, or even money – but more intangible things. People who have the ability to work towards their own success through continuous learning, forgiveness, gratitude – but also those who work towards building and supporting others success. This I feel, is most critical of all – through building each other up we are supporting agile workplaces, appreciating diversity and working towards common goals.

Workplaces will forever be in a constant, fluid state of change – changes in management, changes in structure, changes within teams and processes. Change however, does not always mean a lack of stability. It is the natural course of the environment we are in – and we must hire resources with that in mind. We may not have the power to always see the future of our organisations or teams, but we do have power over the resources we employ along the way. If we are creating teams that support each other’s success and therefor benefit organisations by taking this into account, we are in turn creating a resilient and diverse workforce and ultimately our success as a whole.

Camille Cranenburgh

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