Perfect Timing

When is the perfect time to show up to an interview?

Scenario: You have landed an interview for a role that you have your heart set on. Time to plan your outfit, research the role and the organisation, and plan out your travel so you get there on time. But what is ‘on time’ in the recruitment world? If your interview is at 12:00pm, what time should you arrive?

This is a topic that has been at the forefront of things of late in the RR office. Obviously, you should try not to arrive late for your interview, but some times candidates miss the mark completely and arrive over half an hour early for their interview.

Yes, there is such a thing as being too early for an interview.

Arriving late:

Candidates sometimes arrive late for interviews. If you do find that you’re running late for an interview, call your recruiter and let them know. Always acknowledge if you’re late and never show up late with a coffee in hand.

Arriving too early:

Often candidates believe that arriving early to an interview is a good thing, showing that they’re committed to and keen on the role. Unfortunately, this is false. Arriving too early is generally frustrating to recruiters because it makes them feel that they can’t leave the candidate waiting too long in reception and that they need to re-arrange their day in order to see them earlier than planned. This is just an added stress to a recruiter’s already crazy schedule. It can also make the receptionist feel awkward because the candidate is sitting there twiddling their thumbs, and it can increase the nerves of the candidate. 

If you are specifically asked to come in early to fill out paperwork or similar, then go for it, but if like us at Rusher Rogers, we have provided all our forms to you online via a link to fill out prior to your interview, there really is no reason for you to arrive half an hour early.

If you do find yourself early, go and grab a coffee, unwind a little bit prior to your interview, indulge in some retail therapy, or simply go for a walk.

The perfect time to arrive: 

We have discussed this in our office a lot recently, in light of so many early arrivals, and we have come to the conclusion that roughly 10 minutes early for an interview is the best time to arrive.

Arriving 10 minutes early, shows that you are interested and prepared, but it also shows that you respect your recruiters time.

It gives your recruiter enough time to finish the task that they’re on, get themselves fully prepared to meet with you and it also gives the candidate enough time to prepare themselves as well.

It is important to us to provide a good candidate experience, so a relaxed, prepared recruiter will always lead to a better interview.

Verdict: If you’re running late, contact the recruiter or hiring manager to let them know. If you’re early, go for a walk, grab a coffee or look in the shops. Ideally, arrive 10 minutes early for your interview.

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