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Social media news feeds are teaming with generally sound advice as to how to tackle everything from your next career move, to 10 top tips on how to do everything from your resume to your interview/promotion/pay rise. There are so many resources to research how to approach just about anything when it comes to your career but for most of us, the prospect of changing jobs or careers, let alone navigating your way through a recruitment process, remains daunting. It is the same no matter how far up the food chain you are. When you only dip in and out of the job market as a candidate, once every 2-5 years, the method of, and how you present yourself to the job market is constantly changing.

The first step is to get some insight as to how the market views your experience and what you bring to the market. Once that is established, the next tricky thing to achieve is how clearly you communicate that message.  Your methods of delivery are often limited to either a resume and/or an online profile (generally LinkedIn). The best advice I can give anyone contemplating this sort of change is to speak to an independent specialist to get these first two key elements as close to what is right for you as you can, but also realistic for the job market.  I have many good conversations with people going through this process. Most already know what needs to be done, they only really need a sounding board to get the endorsement that confirms that they are on the right track.  Sometimes when you are so close to the subject it can prove difficult to get the clarity or distance that is needed for this exercise.

What I want to highlight is, that while we focus on these big things through this sort of process, we can sometimes forget the little things. It can be the tiny subliminal messages that we send out, without awareness, that can sometimes trip us up.  For me, as a recruiter, it can often be the little things that send the loudest message and can effectively undo all the good ground work that has gone before it.

I will give you some examples that scream alarm bells for me and may give me cause to reassess:

  • A 10 second voice to text conversion inbox
  • Not returning phone calls within a 48-hour time frame
  • Arriving late (an obvious one) but also, too early for an interview
  • Arriving to an interview with a coffee (or sim) in hand, gives the immediate impression that you are not taking the meeting seriously
  • Feigning interest in a role but really only tyre kicking
  • Showing frustration or responding poorly to changes or hold ups in the recruitment process when things don’t go to plan
  • Withholding vital information until the eleventh hour
  • A LinkedIn profile that bears no resemblance to your resume
  • Poor communication style either via telephone or email/text
  • Disrespectful of the relationship and the process
  • Cutting the recruiter out of the process once a relationship is established with the client

I am sure there are others. These subliminal messages/actions aren’t big things but the evidence of just one or a combination thereof, can potentially shout out the wrong message and effectively erode a recruiter’s confidence and trust in your suitability as a candidate.

So please pay attention to the little things as well as the big things, so they don’t trip you up.

Until next week,

Susie Rogers

Current Permanent Roles:

  • Senior Bookkeeper
  • HR Business Partner
  • Investor Administrator
  • Family Violence Team Leader
  • Various Family Violence Roles
  • Senior Draftsperson
  • Sales Tech Support (Metro)
  • HR Business Partner (6 Month Contract)
  • Executive Assistant

A Word From The Temp Desk:

We’ve had to hit the ground running this January, with roles ready and waiting for us almost the minute we stepped into the office on the 2nd! Thankfully our Temp Professionals did not let us down, even over the packed festive period, and we kept them busy in some last-minute roles for some of our NFP organisations.

We’re currently expanding our network of Temp Professionals, and we’re particular interested in candidates who have schools experience who already hold Working with Children’s Checks and/or First Aid training. Get in touch with Claudia or Matilda for more information or to register as a Temp Professional with Rusher Rogers.

Feature image: www.onegirl.org.au

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