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The value of connection is never lost on a recruiter. It’s networking by another name that tends to scare the b’jesus out of most people, even though we understand the value of making new connections and what that can mean for our careers. As a recruiter, our role is all about the connections that we make, so it pays to have a great memory and/or a great data base. It’s really the secret to a good recruiter’s success but not connections for connections sake. It has to be authentic. People can spot the disingenuous, the insincere, the feigned interest a mile off, so when not done with the right intent you can make an everlasting negative impact.

We held our second last CTC event for 2019 last week. Another highly successful evening. There is nothing like making networking come alive for people and this was one of those nights. Ten very different, very experienced, very accomplished professionals thrown together for the first time over a glass of wine and a few nibbles. Standing on the sidelines, it’s awesome to see it all unfold and the lights go on for everyone. This is what it should be like to network and this is what delivers those highly valued connections…not a room full of 1000+ people with a hit and/or miss approach of hoping that the right like-minded people will find one-another. What tends to happen in those circumstances, is that people stay in their own little clicks, less inclined to step outside of their comfort zones. I know this to be so. I have been one of those people at one of those events and hated every minute of it!

Tailored networking is the way to go but challenging to do if there is more than 10 people attending. I was fortunate to attend another event, a company brand launch, and they had cleverly coded everyone’s name tag with a symbol and encouraged you to seek out another guest and/or guests with the same symbol on their name badge in order to introduce yourself. Just goes to show what a little bit of research into attendee’s backgrounds and how this little bit of effort can impact your networking experience for the better. It worked a treat and got everyone talking and making connections with the right people from the get-go. I love it!!

Expanding your network is not limited to official networking functions either. It’s quite amazing actually where all of your connections can come from. Whether its standing next to the BBQ on the weekend meeting new people or as we heard from 3 of our temps during the week, forming a great bond when placed with one of our clients. Three perfect strangers whom otherwise would never have crossed paths, thrown together and the common thread? A shared temp assignment! Who knew? Now they are a part of the RR temp network.

Conferences can be a great way to expand your network too. Most attendees are there to learn and grow and it’s this common thread that connects all whom attend. So, opportunities to connect with other like-minded professionals can come from a broad range of events and sometimes the least obvious can be the most successful. It could be your gym, your neighbour, your book club, or even one of those large networking events… if you happen to be sitting next to the right person.
So, what’s my message? Don’t give up on networking, be open, put yourself out there and just choose the right event for you. Our next CTC event is scheduled for November (just saying).

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