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It’s happening!  More and more organisations have made the connection between marketing, communications and talent acquisition and the importance of these three elements working in partnership when it comes to attracting and securing talent to their organisations. Mission Statements and a set of values that are at the core of an organisation’s culture are long established in both corporate and NFP sectors but living it, communicating it, projecting it, recruiting to it and proactively attracting prospective talent to it, are a work in progress.

Every PD that I see incorporates the values of that particular organisation. It is generally used as a guide for the Hiring Manager and/or HR team to interview against and will include the Key Selection Criteria as well as the list of values and desired attributes.  The pre-screen, certainly the interview and to an extent the reference check stages are where these are applied in order to make sure that the skills, experience and values/culture fit is right. This is the universal norm and it works fine but with a growing recognition to move from a reactive to a proactive talent acquisition model, the role of spruiking the values and culture of an organisation cannot only happen when an organisation is recruiting. This is where the role of marketing and communications is vital in partnering with a talent acquisition team for a more strategic, holistic and long-term approach to attracting talent to an organisation. There are plenty of articles dealing with this specifically.

Consistent messaging across all internal and external communication channels, collateral, events, website careers pages, and/or any other social media platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) are the obvious messaging vehicles. Attracting talent is a whole of organisation responsibility.  Getting everyone involved perhaps via a staff recommended incentive program can be an effective way to tap into hidden talent pools within your own organisational network. Workforce planning, talent mapping and building talent pools are all proactive activities that will place organisations on the front foot with regard to talent acquisition but this is not just the role of HR. It is a whole of organisation function that can be supported by a proactive marketing and communications strategy in that same way the organisation may sell and promote its product or service. So, when I start to see job titles like Recruitment Marketing Advisor, Talent Marketing Analyst, Talent Marketing Specialist, I get really excited. Watch this space!

Until next week,

Susie Rogers

Current Permanent Roles:

  • Service & Support Specialist
  • Office Administrator
  • Executive Assistant
  • OHSQ Leader
  • Program Leader (Statewide Family & Youth Services)
  • Financial Counsellors
  • Program Leader (Statewide Family Violence)
  • Paralegal
  • Program Leader (Economic Wellbeing)
  • Orange Door (Support & Safety Hub) Practitioner
  • Sales Centre Associate

A Word From The Temp Desk:

Over the last few weeks, some of you may have noticed that Matilda Hubbard has since departed the Rusher Rogers family. I have since transitioned into her role as the Temp Consultant, bringing Recruitment experience from both an agency and internal perspective and within the corporate and NFP space.

With the nature of the market reflecting a preference for permanent employment opportunities, I am currently taking advantage of this time to grow and develop our Professional Temp team. This has made me start to think about the differences and benefits of hiring temporary staff. All too often, Recruiters are tasked with simply finding people for jobs and jobs for people. To Recruiters who care and want to find you people that will add value and make an impact on your organisation, it is so much more than that – it is about seeing in people what a CV does not show, those intangible traits that can make the difference between a candidate who can simply “do the job” and those that will add value even if only on a short term, temporary basis.

Given the election has just come to pass and with the End of Financial year looming, while permanent employment opportunities my not be viable, it is worth considering a Temp to cover the shortfall. This will not only fill a short term need in an uncertain period, but will also give your organisation great insight into where resources need to be allocated to in the long term.

I look forward to partnering with you in an effort to fill your Temping needs moving forward.

Camille Cranenburgh

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