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Welcome back to all those who took advantage of the Easter/ANZAC Day public holidays effectively allowing a 10-day break, only using 3 days of annual leave. For those who worked the 3 business days last week, travel to work was reminiscent of the week between Xmas and New Year. Still a little confused as to what day it was, hot cross buns and chocolate replaced leftover turkey and cheese! Travel to and from the CBD was a breeze with guaranteed seats on PT making for an enjoyable change from the norm. Back to reality this week.

Monday April 29 marks day one, of the six-month period whereby agencies who intend to supply labour hire moving forward will need to apply for a licence to do so in Victoria. For those not up to date with this change in legislation, Queensland already have this working in practice.  SA recently repealed the licencing decision. Victoria, with the setting up of the Labour Hire Authority seems committed to this new state based licencing system.

Logically it makes more sense to have a national licencing system, but as it stands it is state based which means for those firms who provide labour hire services in Victoria and Queensland, will require two separate licences to operate. The cost of which will no doubt be ultimately passed onto clients. Smaller boutique style agencies may elect to focus on permanent recruitment only as the cost may be prohibitive or just not worth the hassle/cost/risk of running a small temp desk. This could effectively mean that labour hire services will only be provided by the larger agencies effectively squeezing boutique agencies out of this space all together.

Clients will need to ensure that their suppliers of labour hire are compliant with this new licencing requirement or break the law by continuing to engage temporary services from un-licenced providers. Hopefully common sense will prevail with a national system but preferably before everyone invests in each state-based system. I am not hopeful. RR will be pursuing a Labour Hire Licence in order to continue to provide temporary services in Victoria. In the mean-time it will be business as usual. We will keep you posted.

Until next week,

Susie Rogers

Current Permanent Roles:

  • Office Administrator
  • Executive Assistant
  • OHSQ Leader
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  • Health & Wellbeing Regional Coordinator

A Word From The Temp Desk:

Last week we found that most people were smart enough to take the three days leave to make it a week-long week off work.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t proactive enough to put in leave and was in and out of the office it seemed all week in-between all the public holidays. What a random week it was! With most employees taking annual leave a large chunk of organisations that we work with have had skeleton staff making my week hectic as usual.

Although many weren’t working last week, we had many hard-working Temp Professionals working away through the week to get work done in replacement of those who had decided to take leave. Our Temp Professionals stepped up to the mark and worked hard to ensure employees were paid and organisations continued to run smoothly.

We would like to say a BIG thankyou to all those Temp Professionals who worked last week to give those who took leave a relaxing non-stressful break.

Getting a Temp Professional in to cover employee leave is a great way to make sure that your employees’ get a stress-free break and don’t have to worry about the work that might be waiting for them on their arrival back in the office. For many employees taking leave can be stressful as they constantly think about how much work they will have to catch up on. By getting a Temp into the role and providing your employees with a brief period to hand over their work for the extent of their break is a great way to allow employees to take a proper break away from the office with no worries.

Easter Eggs with Daisy on Fresh Green Grass

We hope everyone had a great Easter!

Matilda Hubbard

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