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This people management thing is easy’… NOBODY EVER SAID. There are now 4 generations currently in the work place: Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y (Millennials) with Generation Z just starting out

Silent Generation (born between 1928 – 1945), first called so by Time Magazine because of their conformist trait, they never questioned, they kept very quiet and worked hard. This generation grew up through the Great Depression and World War II. Children were seen and not heard. This generation is still represented in the workplace, albeit on a very small scale at around 3%.  They are loyal, and believe in an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964), or as it is better known the ‘Me‘ generation. This group are well established, goal oriented, with a good proportion still holding leadership positions. This generation do not require the constant feedback that other more recent generations demand. Job title, office size, parking …position, perks and prestige are what motivate this generation. Baby Boomers still make up a significant proportion of the workplace with the youngest of this generation reaching 65 in 2029. This generation believes in hard work and is often critical of younger generations (X & Y) for a lack of work ethic and commitment to the workplace

Generation X (1965 – 1980), a smaller group than the Baby Boomers by about 25%, this generation is credited for bringing in work life balance, they prefer an informal, fun workplace. They are self-reliant, prefer individual projects and work independently with minimal supervision. They believe opportunities should be based on merit and not rank, age or seniority.

Generation Y, Millennials or Digital Natives (1980 to 2000). A tech savvy generation. Described as self-confident and ambitious, generally they are not loyal and have no problem jumping from one employer to the next. They search for new challenges and have high expectations. Culture is extremely important to this generation and they demand a flexible workplace, collaboration, time off, and access to the latest technology. They are not afraid to ask questions if something is not clear.

Generation Z (2000-) just entering the workforce and is a larger generation than the BB or Millennials. They are more entrepreneurial than previous generations and according to Forbes contributor Deep Patel, they will be defined by the following key traits:

  • Security
  • Independence
  • Competitive
  • Multitask
  • Face to face communication
  • True digital natives
  • Desire to be catered to

The below table sums all of the generational traits up very nicely thanks to Talentor:

Fascinating stuff and it makes you stop and think about just how complex it is to create a workplace that caters for all of these expectations, some shared, some at odds.  Awareness that a one-size-fits-all approach is not necessarily going to work, is a start.

Current Permanent Roles:

  • Financial Counsellors
  • Financial Counsellor (Locum)
  • Program Manager – Family and Youth Victoria
  • Program Manager – Family Violence
  • Service & Training Specialist
  • Family Violence Team Leader – Hastings
  • Orange Door (Support & Safety Hub) Practitioner
  • General Manager – Service Co-Delivery Safety & Resilience
  • Head of Fundraising
  • Client Services Consultant
  • Instructional Designer and Content Developer

Current Temp Roles:

  • Head of Fundraising
  • Facilities Coordinator – Shepparton
  • Payroll Officer
  • Reception
  • Reception
  • Senior Administration Assistant







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