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Temp continues to gain momentum as we hurtle towards the holiday season, with many keen to cover key roles for periods of leave (annual, personal & parental) effectively locking in the right level of experience over the Xmas period. Considering holiday leave, we are of course also heading towards that time of the year when people recharge and recalibrate. As a part of that process they often reconsider their roles/employers/careers, in light of a New Year and the prospect of change. As recruiters we encourage employers to stay ahead of this annual trend by undertaking a risk assessment now. Who can you afford to lose to another employer? And if you think that this sort of change in inevitable, then now is the time to start preparing for it to minimise the disruption.

Defensive or Offensive?

Your choice of action can either be a defensive or an offensive strategy, or both. That is, you either protect and sure up the people that you have risk around to make sure that they do not get lured to so-called ‘greener pastures’ &/or you use this as an opportunistic time to identify otherwise difficult to secure specialist talent whom may be feeling the need for a change, so you can plant the seed for the New Year. Workforce planning by another name recognising both the risk of losing key talent and/or the opportunity of securing new talent. Either way now is the time to plan and put the first steps in place rather than returning from your January break with some unexpected staffing changes to deal with!

An enormous thank you to Elaine Saunders, Independent Chairperson for the Innovation Precinct Industry Advisory Board at Swinburne University, who kindly invited me along to the 20th anniversary of the Venture Cup. Eleven carefully selected finalists and budding entrepreneurs pitched to a jam-packed audience for the prestigious cup. A great night and some awesome innovations. Our recruitment practice also has a history of successfully partnering with start-up/high growth ventures to secure the people that they need to realise their potential and build the right culture, so this was a great opportunity to see what is coming down the line!

Just over 1 week for agency recruiters in Victoria to place their application to practice with the Labour Hire Authority:

Current Permanent Roles:

  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Service & Client Support Specialist
  • Volunteer Coordinator 
  • Service Manager 

Current Temp Roles:

  • General Registration
  • CPA Accountant 

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