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Every now and again you hear a buzz-phrase or a term that just sums it all up perfectly and last week, for me anyway, that term was ‘Emotional Labour’.

According to Wikipedia, ‘Emotional Labour’ is the process of managing feelings and expressions to fulfil the emotional requirements of a job. More specifically, workers are expected to regulate their emotions during interactions with customers, co-workers and superiors.

It is quite possible of course, that I am one of last people in the world who has heard of this term. It came up as part of an enjoyable conversation that I had during the week, at a regular breakfast catchup. We were discussing various people management issues as you do when you are in recruitment and it was my breakfast companion who excitedly introduced ‘Emotional Labour’ being at the very core of some her people management issues, and she was right! 

When I consider all the issues-related conversations that I have with both clients and candidates alike, the heavy lifting that needs to be done, is helping people through the emotional impact of an issue or event and it can be hard work.  I guarantee that any HR, recruitment or people manager, if not already familiar with this term, will react in exactly the same way that I did when I heard it for the first time…. YEEESSSSS!  It is a perfect description of what many of us do on a day-to-day basis as we support our teams and assist people navigate their emotional journey as they understand the impact of a change, event or an issue. It’s not so much the actual issue itself, but how we react to it, or deal with it, and a managers’ job is to help people ‘regulate their emotions’.

The above Wikipedia explanation does not go far enough in my view point in that it focuses on an individual managing their own emotional response to work related challenges. The topic of conversation that, as a recruiter, I am continually having with various people managers is about the significant proportion of their time that is given over to managing other people’s emotional reaction to workplace events.  ‘Emotional Labour’ captures this perfectly!!

Until next week,

Susie Rogers

Podcast of the week:

The Pineapple Project (ABC). This month, Claire Hooper deals will all work related issues covering everything from interviews and what not to do, to building a professional network. Great stuff!

Monthly Blog:

In case you missed it during the week, our monthly blog went up. Read it here! We post up our monthly blog, in the middle of each month so keep an eye out for our March blog.

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A Word From The Temp Desk:

Last week felt short and sweet although, it was like every other week…… It just flew by because as usual on the Temp desk we are run off our feet. Having spoken to many clients during the week it was a hectic week for most.

Lots of organisations are going through changes now as they are growing or restructuring, this is the perfect opportunity to get a Temp in to help with the hectic times. Whether it be to do the odd jobs, fill in for a staff member while they’re at a training day or just to assist with the level of work there is to do.

We have a large range of Temps ready to go to help you out wherever you need.

A big thank you to all our Temps for all their hard work last week!

Matilda Hubbard

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