Celebrate! We are 100!!| RR Recruitment Weekly

I can barely believe it, but this weekly blog has reached 100!! 

Who knew that what started out as a bit of a chore each week if I am honest, would become a genuinely enjoyable part of my week.  While I initially thought that I would struggle for topics, not to mention creating 600 words (usually less), each week, it fast became a great opportunity to reflect, occasionally vent, and certainly, a chance to share some insights into the world of recruitment. I am not sure just how many people read these (if any), but I genuinely hope that some of these blogs have even been useful to those who do!

We have covered a broad range of topics over the last couple of years from tips on how to present your resume to what to do in an interview, from employer branding to the importance of timely feedback and much more in-between. . We have tried to demystify, advise, inform and challenge.  I haven’t been the only contributor either as our library will attest.  Our Blogs have been written for both job seekers and employers through our lens as an independent recruiter, content of which is about what we experience on a week-to-week basis. We do this in the hope that we can provide some valuable insight to somebody.

For this, the 100th edition, it seems appropriate to write about future jobs.  The type and level of role that we now recruit for has changed dramatically. While skills-sets shift with technology, the desire for the right attitude and motivation has remained a constant.  ‘Change’ for many has become the new norm and resilience is essential to this. The lower skilled, easy to source roles that we recruited for in the past, if they haven’t been replaced by technology, are now handled by in-house recruitment teams. 

The type of role that we recruit for has shifted.  We describe ourselves as ‘unicorn hunters’, because it is the unique, hard to find, needle in the proverbial haystack that we are increasingly engaged to source.  Candidate networks and relationships of trust have replaced advertising as the primary sourcing technique.  Our focus has shifted from being client or employer centric to building strong candidate networks.  This is where our value is to both employer and job seeker with trust and experience at the core of a successful recruiter. 

A timely article dealing with a rapidly changing workplace, entitled “Labour Pains” in Saturday’s Good Weekend by Greg Callaghan is a fascinating read. Read Here. He writes; “…we hear a lot about jobs of the future…What is the next big thing? What will be the boom fields? Nanotechnology? Genomics? Robotics? Cloud Computing?….. top industries for growth between now and 2023 will be in healthcare, construction education and training, and professional or scientific services.”  Going on to say, it will be hard to predict who the winners and losers of technological change will be. Unemployment while steady at 5.2%, jobs growth is for part-time rather than full time employment.

Technology has certainly changed the landscape of what skills and experience are now needed, but it will never replace that which makes us all human, our soft skills. Our ability to communicate, engage, persuade, build relationships, understand, empathise, build trust, negotiate, collaborate, and lead people, can never successfully be replaced by tech in my own humble opinion.  Lucky for all of us, it will be these skills that will continue to be needed in the future without exception.

Current Permanent Roles:

  • Program Manager – Family Violence
  • Service & Training Specialist
  • Family Violence Team Leader – Hastings
  • Orange Door (Support & Safety Hub) Practitioner
  • Project Coordinator

Current Temp Roles:

  • EA to CEO
  • Document Controller
  • Fleet Coordinator
  • People and Culture Business Partner
  • General Registration

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