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As recruiters we hear tales of woe from job seekers regaling their accounts of shabby treatment at the hand of recruiters, HR departments, hiring managers, the list goes on. The vast majority of complaints centre around communication, or lack thereof, as would-be candidates wonder if they will ever get any acknowledgement of receipt of their application, feedback from an interview, update on their progress, a returned phone call etc etc. All of which are a completely and understandably reasonable expectations. So why is it so common, and why does it keep happening?

Many excuses are proffered of course, ranging from being time poor, overwhelmed by volume responses or just a complete lack of any sort of consideration for the applicant.

So, what’s the solution?

AI can certainly help. Where most initial application processes begin with an online application process, AI can at least acknowledge receipt of a candidate’s details, giving a candidate some comfort in understanding that their resume hasn’t been lost down some gigantic black hole. AI could also be set up to provide job specific progress updates that would be generalist in nature but at least applicants would know at what stage the recruitment process was ie. screening, first round interviews, second round interviews, reference check, offer etc. It sounds impersonal but it’s a practical way of communicating to large numbers of respondents

In this world where many are content to hide behind an email response, nothing beats receiving a phone call providing an update. Old school I know but I also know that most of us really value it. Just knowing where you stand even if the news is not what you had hoped for is better that silence.  But remember communication does not have to be one-sided.  Don’t wait for people to call you. I always encourage candidates to chase me up because I know that I get caught up and time gets away from me when juggling multiple demands.

I use this method for two key reasons. Firstly, I know that I will run out of time or heaven forbid just forget (I’m human). Encouraging my candidates to call in for an update really helps me manage my time. My golden rule is to try and get feedback to candidates before a weekend, even if I have nothing to add. I am not always successful at this but I try.  Secondly, it helps me understand who is serious and who is not. It helps me ascertain which candidates are genuinely keen on a role. It helps me prioritise my candidates and which candidates have actually heard what I have asked them to do. You enter into a partnership when you apply for a job through a recruiter. A partnership is a two-way relationship.

Do I think we will no longer hear stories of poor candidate experiences?  No, I do not.  But I do know that by working together and respecting each other’s time, will go some way towards helping minimise these tales of woe.

Until next week,

Susie Rogers

Monthly Blog:

In case you missed it during the week, our Monthly Blog went out, discussing the perfect time to show up to an interview.

Current Permanent Roles:

  • Investor Administrator
  • HR Coordinator
  • EA to Director of Shared Services
  • Recruitment Partner
  • Various Family Violence Roles
  • Facilities Assistant
  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Senior Draftsperson
  • Family Violence Team Leader
  • Finance Manager
  • Senior Manager, People & Culture

A Word From The Temp Desk:

Last week was an odd week of sorts with Monday being a public holiday. I felt as if the rest of the week just crept up on me. It felt like organisations from all around Melbourne needed EA Temps. Where have all our EA’s gone, you might be thinking? Please don’t doubt the fact that this is a question that has gone over and over in my mind all week. Although I am lucky enough to have great EA’s sitting on my bench ready to go, and with that as each job was called through, they were off and running a million miles an hour as they were required to ‘hit the ground running’.  I have been so impressed with how our Temp Professionals have conducted themselves through this period, always on the fly and ready to sink their teeth into any assignment I throw their way.

On the other side of Temp, we have been busy building up our Temp desk with incoming talent that we are forecasting organisations will need in the future of 2019, making sure we have Temps ready to go for any client needs that come through over the next year.

On another note, at the start of this month we incorporated ‘Temp Professional of the Month’. This will be selected on a range of different criteria and presented to the successful Temp at the end of each month. We have incorporated this to reward our hard-working Temps who continually go above and beyond for our clients and Rusher Rogers.

A big thankyou to all our hard-working Temp Professionals for their efforts last week!

Matilda Hubbard

Current Temp Opportunities:

We are currently recruiting for a temporary In-House Recruitment Specialist.

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