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Do you remember when nobody had really heard of International Women’s Day?  Wow look at it now!  Who would have thought even a couple of short years ago, this movement towards gaining greater gender equality would have heralded such a celebration… globally.  This year, Berlin has declared the day a public holiday!!! Schools are embracing it, I received a ‘Happy International Women’s Day’ text from my 17 year old and my news feed was full of affirmations, congratulatory statements, memes depicting how far we have come, or what we are no longer prepared to accept, celebrations of those more famous trail blazers for the sisterhood, right down to the everyday heroine that we all have in our lives.

Please see the RR celebration of great female role models in our Fearless Girls series on Instagram. It’s a shift in thinking, certainly. A shift in understanding what is no longer acceptable as we move incrementally closer to genuine gender parity across everything from wages, to gender roles. I am encouraged by my interaction with younger generations who will not know, let alone accept gender stereotyping judgement that dictates everything from what you wear, to the role that you play as a daughter, sister, mother, partner, employee, the list goes on.

How has this changed from a recruitment point of view? Well I no longer have requests specifying the dress size of their new secretary (yes, it did happen!). I no longer have female candidates rejected because ‘they have reached a certain age and are likely to go off and have babies’ (yes I am afraid so). I no longer get push back with regard to not wanting to hire women with young children, heaven forbid a single Mum! I no longer have to explain that a company’s dress code doesn’t include pants for women. I could go on, but to be honest a lot of these things started changing well before this more recent ground swell as the shift from the superficial moved to actual experience, and merit and relaxation around a strict 9-5 workforce, freed up largely by technology, has accommodated an army of part time employees, the majority of whom are women.  I know that pay equality, shortfalls in super, inclusion for leadership roles are now some of the issues front and centre but I believe that in the Western world at least, there has been a seismic shift towards greater gender equality but there is still work to be done.

Podcast of the Week

Ted Talk Ted Women Sheryl Sandberg

Until next week,

Susie Rogers

Current Permanent Roles

  • Investor Administrator
  • Teleaudiology Consultant
  • HR Coordinator
  • EA to Director Shared Services
  • Talent Partner
  • Various Family Violence Roles
  • Facilities Assistant
  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Senior Draftsperson
  • Executive Officer
  • Family Violence Team Leader
  • Program Leader (Safety & Resilience)
  • Finance Manager
  • Communications Manager (3 Month Contract)
  • Senior Manager, People and Culture

A Word from the Temp Desk

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, I want to celebrate all our female Temps both working and in search of the perfect role: you are talented, you are intelligent, and you are strong.

What is International Women’s Day about, you may ask?

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year due to the women of soviet Russia who gained suffrage on the 8th of March 1917. 8th of March has been known internationally as the day that we celebrate women for 102 years now, and it is a very inspirational day, where both men and women celebrate femininity and equality.

Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day some may wonder?

We celebrate International Women’s Day for social, cultural, economic and political achievement, while also campaigning for greater progress towards gender equality. Especially in the workplace.

This year more than any has had a great impact on me as a young woman in the workplace, I have dreams to be successful and to grow in my industry like any other young woman or man out there, although as a woman I have a wall that later in my career I am going to come up against, the wall of equal opportunity that we are yet to knock down as a society. Knowing that women must work harder for the executive seat than men, that women must fight for the opportunities in senior management roles that men don’t or that women must fight to be treated the same as a man who has the exact same work history and qualifications as her, is a tough thought.

For many young women it’s a scary thought, but then there are young women like myself that only see these setbacks as an opportunity to work harder to prove that I can do the job just as well as a man can, if not better. I have noticed in the last few years that there is something that has ignited in young women that is inspirational, women are more independent than ever, we are restless but not ferocious and we are resilient and won’t be satisfied until there is equality for men and women, we are incredibly powerful together as young men and young women and we are fighting for equality not only equal opportunity for women but equal opportunity for men.

There are some great things happening, powerful movements and we are finally seeing change.

To all the women and men out there who are putting actions and procedures in place and are implementing change I encourage you to be fearless and to continue changing our world for the better and not the worse.

To all the women and men out there who are fighting for equality, be fearless, be brave and be resilient and we will get there slowly.

Once again thankyou to all our amazing Temps for their hard work last week, you all go above and beyond to represent Rusher Rogers to the highest standard and I am a very proud and thankful Temp Consultant to have such talented and committed Temp Professionals.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!

Matilda Hubbard

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