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I wrote a blog on this very subject about 18 months ago. Not one week goes by without reflecting on how different each and every one of us respond to news when it doesn’t necessarily go our way.

For a recruiter this reaction (good or bad) cuts through to the very essence of that candidate and often gives the first real, true, insight into how that candidate reacts to what can be an adverse decision. It can be quite interesting to witness how quickly the bonhomie can sometime disappear. It is therefore so important to understand that for a recruiter, the assessment never stops.

While a decision to hire a candidate may not have gone as expected, it is important to understand that there will be other future opportunities. So that response can cause any recruiter to rethink the reason why they had considered you in the first place. While I completely get the frustration and disappointment that comes with receiving bad news, those candidates whom accept that news with grace, professionalism, dignity and a desire to learn where the wheels may have fallen off, really stand out.  As much as you may feel frustrated, that is not the time to attack your recruiter, as a few experiences this week have attested to. Most recruiters support their candidates but often have to deliver bad news. Your reaction to that news can be very illuminating.

Accepting decisions and learning from that experience is a real skill and not easy when you were expecting a different outcome or disagree with the decision.  The very best advice I can share is to take the opportunity to learn and grow from that experience.

This is why getting good quality and comprehensive feedback is important but that is not always forthcoming as the decision between candidates can be as arbitrary as being based on a ‘gut’ instinct when you have to choose between two amazing candidates.  This sort of feedback is almost harder to hear that than a solid and distinctive reason.

As a recruiter, I understand that it can be such a vulnerable time for a candidate, so empathy, encouragement to get back up on that horse and try again is really important and something that I hope all professionals in our industry never lose sight of.

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