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To be honest I cannot believe that we are still having this conversation.

There is nothing more disappointing and frustrating to a recruiter when a client briefing conversation concludes with…’oh BTW I have already spoken to a couple of agencies as this role is urgent/hard to fill/I want to give everyone an opportunity/ I want some healthy competition etc etc. To a recruiter it is just code for I JUST DON’T TRUST YOU ENOUGH TO GIVE YOU THE ROLE EXCLUSIVELY ….AGHHHHHHH!

The topic of ‘exclusivity’ is still a commonly debated topic within recruitment circles. Some schools of thought in Client Land, contend that engaging several agencies creates a sense of competition and consequently increases agency performance and productivity. I can see how many clients would perceive this to be the best option for their business. Surely the best approach to getting that ideal candidate would be to engage in as many avenues as possible? Contacting several recruitment agencies would get you access to a wider pool of candidates wouldn’t it? Sounds like a flawless approach to recruitment but unfortunately it’s definitely not.

With some 35+ years recruiting I can say with confidence that when finding that ideal high performing employee for your business, it is in your best interest to engage with one quality recruiter on a specific brief. Here is why:

Upholding your brand and public image

Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes – If you were a candidate searching for positions within your chosen industry and the same position reappeared and was advertised by multiple recruiters, what would you think? For me it would be an instant red flag! Is the company having trouble filling the position? Why have they needed to enrol in assistance from numerous difference sources?

By engaging in the services of one specialist recruitment agency the importance of the position is immediately elevated. Not only does this result in your company being viewed more professionally by the market but consequently a higher calibre of applicants are attracted to apply.


Developing a relationship with one recruitment agency can have many benefits for your business. The agency is able to really work closely with you to understand the qualities of a high-performance employee at your workplace. With this background the agency can take the time to successfully source and deliver a candidate that will really fit in within your current team and excel within the work requirements.  Furthermore any future recruitment endeavours will run smoothly as the agency has a better understanding of your business and the kinds of attributes/skills/team & culture fit that work for you.


By working with one recruitment agency exclusively they will take ownership of the end-to-end recruitment process and deliver within an agreed timeframe. Rather than there being a focus on speed in order to beat their competitors, the recruiter can focus on quality and take the time to do a thorough search utilising all of their resources. You do not want to create a ‘race’ mentality. That is exactly what happens when you engage several agencies on the one brief. Worse, none of them take your brief seriously and why would they when other clients have engaged them on an exclusive basis. Where would you spend your time when time and candidates are finite?

It’s easier and stress free!

Do you really want to spend all of your time wrangling multiple agencies? By engaging one recruitment agency the process will be a more personalised and time effective approach and thoroughly discuss the position requirements and the culture within your work place, with well thought out sourcing strategy that targets the most appropriate candidates rather than a scatter gun approach with a ‘race’ mentality, all-the-while carefully managing both brands.

Although it may be perceived that competition between agencies receives the best results in the shortest period of time this is far from what happens in reality. In order to find that ideal candidate who represents your business to the highest standard, it is in your best interest to engage with one quality specialist recruiter on a specific brief.

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