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With many organisations wrapping up the year on Friday 20th December, we only have two full working weeks remaining until most of us return to a new year and a new decade!!  Apologies in advance, cliché alert: Where has this year gone???

Work still goes on of course in and around all the Pre-Xmas catch-ups and end of year celebrations. We are busily wrapping up a couple of key projects and are kept busy covering off temp needs coming up to and over the holiday period. Don’t forget if you need temp coverage over this period, we have multi-skilled temps waiting in the wings for you.

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Last week I was invited to a ‘Celebrating Women in Innovation” luncheon hosted by Dr Elaine Saunders, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Health, Arts & Design, Chair, Advisory Board, Innovation Precinct, Swinburne. I shared a panel of accomplished presenters, expertly convened by Kate Latimer as we navigated our way around the topic of diversity, specifically, gender diversity, given the event’s focus. WOW! What a fabulous and robust discussion around moving towards far greater gender representation in roles of leadership as well as in STEM sectors, equal distribution of care giving, as well as addressing the pay gap. Overall, we were all in fierce agreement where women need to support and encourage one another, learn to be bolder, step up without apology and demand better representation at a leadership level, commercially and politically. We learnt that each and everyone of us is responsible for taking positive action to bridge the gaps in gender diversity and can affect change as employers with strategic workplace planning well ahead of need in order to address shortfalls in diversity, gender or otherwise. So much research supports the benefits of having a diverse workforce, specifically the more women on teams, the more successful the team!  Read here

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Great stuff!

I also see more and more concerns being raised concerning under-employment in a gig economy revealing that a massive 13.8% of us are underutilised, meaning that 2M are not earning as much as they could: Read here

Have an awesome week!!

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