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Maturity in the Workplace

Maturity in the Workplace

Maturity in the Workplace

Think you're too old to get a job? Think again.

According to a recent survey, older candidates may believe their age will go against them in their careers, but some employers certainly don't.

A balanced workforce requires employees of all ages and it is refreshing to see that many employers are recognising this fact.

Today, what’s needed in the workplace is better communication between employers and candidates. Jobseekers should not let age affect their employment decisions.


  • Look smart.  Appearance is important at any age
  • Go on a computing course if you are not computer literate.  Learn the fundamentals of the internet and how to send an e-mail
  • Send your CV electronically.  This will give prospective employers the impression that your technical skills are up to scratch
  • Legally you don’t have to but you should put your correct age on your CV.  However, if you omit your age, it will only bring attention to it and employers may think you are trying to hide something.  If you lie about it, chances are you'll be found out sooner or later
  • Be brief and to the point about your skills.  Be aware of what's needed for the job role and concentrate on your relevant skills
  • Highlight the fact that you can offer something that another applicant can't.
  • Say that you intend to stay long-term and point out your reliability and your loyalty
  • Emphasise anything that will be beneficial to the employer


  • Talk down to your prospective employer, who may be younger than you Don't let them think you're going to be permanently hovering over them making sure they are doing their job properly
  • Give prospective employers your life history.  Focus only on what you think they will require of you in the job and your experience which is relevant to that job
  • Apologise.  A lot of older applicants are almost apologetic and are expecting some kind of negative reaction to their age.  Go into the interview with a positive attitude to let them know you can do the job