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Dressing for an interview

Try to find out what staff wear at the company interviewing you.  For example, look on the internet to see what they are wearing in team photos.

If you’re going for a job in a warehouse, wearing a slick, black designer suit may look over the top and as if you’re not prepared to get your hands dirty.  Never be scruffy, but going over the top can put employers off too.

What to wear:


  • Accessories - Less is best.  Women should wear small and complimentary accessories and men should wear smart cufflinks that are understated and display attention to detail.
  • Appearance - hair should be clean and brushed and make-up should be as natural looking as possible.  Remember, you want to knock them out for the right reasons. 
  • Suits - for most jobs, a smart business suit is best but there are no hard and fast rules.  For men, a smart shirt and trousers may suit the job better and women can wear smart trousers or a skirt with a top. 

What not to wear:

  • Hair – keep it as neat as possible.  Men with long hair should tie it back rather than leaving it down.
  • Piercing - if you wear a nose, lip, or eye ring, take it out for the interview.
  • Jewellery - don't wear too much jewellery, makeup or perfume and don’t wear anything revealing!
  • Shoes - don't wear scruffy ones.
  • Ties - leave out the cartoon neckwear and novelty socks.